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Friday, July 31, 2009

Swim Party

Tonight Nathan had his end of season swim team party. They swam a while, had pizza, and were given their ribbons for the Tunica meet that was 2 weeks ago. Nathan received a fifth place ribbon, and a tenth place ribbon for free style races. All of them received a gold medal for participation for the year. While handing out ribbons, Coach Fred encouraged them to all come back next season. Nathan is debating, but we hope he will do it again. Starting in the middle of the season was hard on him, but he did learn some new strokes. Most of the other guys were more advanced, so I think he was a little intimidated. But, they were all very supportive. They all call him Nate, which he thinks is so cool. We had a great time swimming, and we hope Nathan will choose to give it another go.

Nate and his two ribbons(wet and wrinkled)

Team picture

The guys in the baby pool

Mari Morgan practicing her strokes

Nathan and Joey
(I've got to remember to take closer pics for my blog)

Zach, Nathan, Samuel, and Will

My sweetie and me

Nate and Coach Fred-
he is holding the team plaque

Coach Fred giving out the ribbons

Nathan receiving his medal- bashful handshake :)

On our way home

Until next year...hopefully!

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