But He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Friday, July 31, 2009

Swim Party

Tonight Nathan had his end of season swim team party. They swam a while, had pizza, and were given their ribbons for the Tunica meet that was 2 weeks ago. Nathan received a fifth place ribbon, and a tenth place ribbon for free style races. All of them received a gold medal for participation for the year. While handing out ribbons, Coach Fred encouraged them to all come back next season. Nathan is debating, but we hope he will do it again. Starting in the middle of the season was hard on him, but he did learn some new strokes. Most of the other guys were more advanced, so I think he was a little intimidated. But, they were all very supportive. They all call him Nate, which he thinks is so cool. We had a great time swimming, and we hope Nathan will choose to give it another go.

Nate and his two ribbons(wet and wrinkled)

Team picture

The guys in the baby pool

Mari Morgan practicing her strokes

Nathan and Joey
(I've got to remember to take closer pics for my blog)

Zach, Nathan, Samuel, and Will

My sweetie and me

Nate and Coach Fred-
he is holding the team plaque

Coach Fred giving out the ribbons

Nathan receiving his medal- bashful handshake :)

On our way home

Until next year...hopefully!

Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mission Trip to the Coast

Our church went to Waveland, MS this weekend to help out West Bay Community Church, a new church plant on the coast.  Some of the men worked inside the sanctuary- hanging bead board and a chair rail on the wall.  The rest of us did servant evangelism at laundry mats and Wal-mart.  We also passed out some fliers at some apartment complexes- and yes, it was very HOT!!!  It was a short but fun trip.  We feel like people's lives were touched, and we were a blessing to the church by offering them some much needed encouragement.  Please remember this church in your prayers.  We plan to continue to go alongside them helping them out.  We may even return to Waveland in the near future.  Thanks to all that went.  Love you all!  On a personal note, this was our first time to take our children on a mission trip.  They were eager to tell people that Jesus loves them.  They got hot and tired, but it was great to show them that missions is not always easy.  It was neat to have them there. 

On our way!!  They're not hyper!! :)

We stopped and ate dinner on the way.  This croc was pretty cool.

Mari Morgan and Daddy

Guess what Nathan found inside the church building?  None other than a.......lizard.  He was quick to tell us that it was a house gecko.

Kids beds for the night.

Bedtime snack- Ms Liz wants a bite

Nates Lizard- sorry blurry!  Not even as long as a finger.

Lunchtime after a long mornings work!  The church provided this for us.  So nice of them.

Pastor- Brian(standing), Karen(pastor's wife), and one of their daughters- Holly.  They are such a sweet family.  The youth minister- Tim is sitting in the Navy vest.

On our way out of town, we went to the beach.  Here is Heather, Liz, Chelsea, and Anna.

The whole group.

The sanctuary

Christine and me

The kiddos.  The pier in the background is some remains of Katrina!

Mrs. Sue- she was the mother on the trip.  Cooked us a wonderful breakfast Sat. morning, and made sure everyone was okay.

Can't wait to go again!!

Wednesday, July 22, 2009


I am really enjoying Lord, Teach Me to Pray- a Bible study by Kay Arthur.  I struggle with prayer and the power it can have in your life.  This has taught me, so far, how we are supposed to pray based on the Lord's Prayer.  I have really learned what it means to hallow God's name.  It's amazing that I have memorized and said this verse since childhood not really understanding the fullness of its meaning.  I look forward to my time in the morning as God shows me even more.  My prayer is that I will always "hallow" His name.  If anyone else struggles with prayer and the power it gives, I highly recommend this study.

Quote from this study which spoke to me:

"Many who would never think of taking the Lord's name in vain by swearing or by speaking it in a casual way still desecrate His name when they doubt, deny, or defame His character."

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

To Kindergarten she goes!

Well, today with a lump in my throat, I officially registered Mari Morgan for Kindergarten.  She is now a kindergartner at DCES! WOW!  Time has really flown by.  She was only 3 months old when we moved to Hernando.  They both were so excited when we left the school, as Nathan will be a third grader.  How did I feel?  Not so excited!!  I actually felt extremely nauseated.  To think that someone else will be with my kids more than me makes me unsettled.  But, I know they will be okay, and will learn so much.  Mari Morgan wants to learn to read like her brother.  Candy, the counselor and good friend, gave her a screener.  She did very well, only missing 2 letter sounds, X and G.  I was very pleased, and so was her brother.  He gave her a huge hug, and a big high five, and said good job.  It was so sweet.  They were celebrating in the office- so funny!!  Praying God gives them both a blessed year, and gives me peace in knowing they are ultimately in His hands.  There's no better place they can be!  

Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nathan's swim meet in Tunica

Nathan and his swim team were in the Championship meet today.  It started at 9:15, so after the early church service, we rushed to the Tunica Aquatic Center.  We did not want to miss one of his races.  They ate lunch in the car.  We arrived just in time for him to change into his swim pants and warm-up about 5 minutes before his first race.  Brian's parents came to watch, so they took Mari Morgan so I could get Nathan registered and where he was supposed to be.  It was a mad rush!!  But, we did it.  Brian was able to make it to his 2nd and last race.  We were very glad of that.  Nathan did a great job, considering this was his first time in this big of a meet.  It was packed with swimmers and spectators.  So much fun!  We are proud of him and can't wait for next year, as he will be stronger, to do it again!  I am trying to uplaod a video of one of the races, but it has failed twice.  Hopefully I can get it to work.  

On your mark!  Nathan about to start the backstroke race.  He is in the  lane second from the top.  

Warming up

Set to dive for the free style.  He fell off the block, resulting in a penalty.  I felt so sorry for him, but he kept swimming!

Waiting to get on the block for his race

He wanted a silly face picture.

Another  silly one

Hanging out between races

Much better!

My little ham!  She gets VERY bored!!!!!

Getting instructions from helper Devin

Devin writing race numbers and heats on his arm

Nervous and cold!!

Saturday, July 18, 2009

Mission accomplished!

We have worked hard, but it feels so good to be finished with the upstairs. The kids came home from the beach Friday afternoon to a brand new room. They both hurried up the stairs to see. They were excited, but not as excited as I wanted them to be!! If they only knew how hard we worked! But, one day they will understand. The most important thing is that they are pleased with the new look. Mari Morgan loved the polka dots, and did not even notice the imperfection. I was glad! Nathan said "hello" to all of the lizards on his wall. I explained to him that his room looked like a real big boy room. He just grinned from ear to ear. Saturday, we all arranged the playroom, and the kids were able to give it their own little touch. I wish I would have taken a before picture. You could not even get in the room. Not exaggerating!! We finally completed it. Below, are some pictures of the rooms. We are exhausted, but so glad this is behind us. We bought paint to do some rooms downstairs, but that will have to wait!!

Plan to put her initials on the big pink dot above her bed.

Nathan has a pet lizard named Nacho, so he wanted Nacho on his wall. This was the best I could do. He is tan with orange stripes.

Plan to put some wall art up over his bed. Mary Beth?????

Playroom- if only it would stay this clean!!

American Girl section. Mari Morgan arranged this. I am proud of her.

Dress-up and baby doll section. We plan to hang a mirror on this wall.

Nathan has a PlayStation, a box of cars, and an air hockey game set up. He doesn't play with much else. Forgot to take a picture of his small portion. Ha! Hope they enjoy!!!

Tuesday, July 14, 2009

Summer Project Day 1 and 2

Our kids are on vacation with their Pop and JoJo this week at the beach. So, I decided this would be a GREAT time to do a project that I have been wanting to do for a while. Brian, on the other hand, would rather not. I talked him into it, and he and I have worked very hard. The project is moving both of them in to a different room, and moving all toys into the room above the garage, which has previously been Nathan's bedroom. Nathan is moving to MM's room which is painted pepto bismol pink. Don't think that is going to go over too well with an eight yr old boy. Our first job was to clean out the old computer/play room and get it ready to paint. This will be MM's new room. We told them they could have one focal wall painted their choice, the others neutral. Mari Morgan chose purple, we chose lavender. She also requested polka dots. Here is room 1 of our project!

Brian is a perfectionist when it comes to painting. I painted some, also, but he didn't take a pic of me.

This is why I didn't paint much. This wall was not supposed to be painted!! OOPS!

She actually has 1 1/2 walls painted her color because of the way the room is laid out.

At 11:00 last night I cut out a stencil for a polka dot. Then, I painted them on the wall. It was a lot more work than I thought it would be. Whew!

Ready to get toys out of the floor, and move her furniture in. Yeah!!! Hope she likes it.

I will post the rest of our project later- Nathan's room. His request- lizards and green- imagine that!!