But He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Monday, April 27, 2009

Today, about this time, my life changed forever.  This marks the tenth anniversary of my car wreck in Durhan, NC in 1999, driving home from teaching school.  My husband didn't know until around five thirty.  My parents left Mantee @ 8:00 to drive to Durham.  Brian is out of town tonight.  My mom called this morning and asked if she could come stay with me tonight?  We both were thinking of the wreck, so we decided it was a great idea!  What a horrible day, that turned out to be God's miraculous plan for my life.  Glory be to Him who still performs miracles and lavishes mercy and grace on His children.    

Saturday, April 25, 2009

We had a surprise birthday party for my dad and his twin, Robbie.  They turned  70.  They found out about it right before, but it was still fun.  Everyone had a great time!  Some of these pictures are very dark.  I have requested a new camera for my birthday.

Uncle Robbie's cake- Bill O'Reilly on Fox news

Daddy's birthday cake- fishing.  This is his favorite thing to do- his obsession!   

Robbie's new rug!

Oops!  Same picture sorry.

Uncle Robbie and Anna Beth(his granddaughter)

Nathan had his face painted before the party at a festival in Houston.

My two favorite guys!

Dad, Mari Morgan, and Edie

Dad and his twin chilling out listening to Elvis.  Wish you could see them.  They are not identical.  

My sweet daddy

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Happy Birthday Daddy

I'm sitting here tonight thinking about my daddy.  He turns 70 today.  Time has passed by so fast.  Every time I go home he ALWAYS gets a big hug and kiss from me.  I will never forget the first time I flew home by myself from North Carolina after my car wreck.  He picked me up and spun me around as if to say, "you're back, it's a miracle! " My dad has always been a hard worker, and still works to this day, at the age of 70.  As far as I know, he has never visited a doctor's office. Amazing!  If there is one thing I can say I have never doubted about my dad, it is his love for me.   I love YOU very much, Daddy.  We look forward to seeing you this weekend.  Happy Birthday!!!  

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Amanda's Shower

We had Amanda's baby shower today at my house.  The shower was originally set up for next weekend, but after the doctor told her she may have a baby in a few weeks I decided to move it up.  She got lots of diapers, wipes, and practical stuff.  We had a fun time.  Thanks to all who came and those who helped with food.  Amanda, we love you and will be praying for you and your expanding family.  

The group- our two moms-to be in the front

Mari Morgan, Amanda, and her daughter, Karis

Opening gifts

Liz and Amanda

Jennifer and Amanda- both 9 months pregnant. Aren't they cute?

Sweet Mrs. Jan

Easter at Mom's

All of the Grandkids (except for Holly) got together at my mom's house on Easter weekend.  We had an Easter egg hunt.  The older kids really got excited about the money eggs that were hidden.  The funniest thing is that the youngest, Banks-2, found the very first money egg.  It was hilarious.  The big boys walked all around it, then Banks went right to it and picked it up.  He was so excited.  Then,  the highlight of the day was when their Aunt Jane brought each of them a baby chick.  They got to choose between orange and purple.  They really liked them.  They were pretty cute, but I wasn't too excited that my kids became very attached.  Where would we keep baby chicks?
We missed you, Holly!!!

Hogan and Nathan looking for eggs

Nathan and his chick

Hogan giving Edie her chick- she was scared to pick it up

Hogan with chick on his head- funny guy!

Banks, Edie and Mari Morgan

Thursday, April 16, 2009

Don't know where it came from!

I had planned to take a friend out to lunch for her birthday and she called this morning and said she couldn't go.  So, I decided I would just stay in my p.j.'s and clean house.  I  sat down and wrote a list out of what I wanted to get done, as I always do when I'm this far behind.  I put down the usuals, you know, dusting, windexing, picking up, and bathrooms.  Then, I looked out the window at the great day outside.  But,  I only saw a tiny glimpse because of the dust particles and dirt on my blinds.  You think I'm kidding!  So, before I started my list, I cleaned all the blinds in my house- can't believe how nasty!!  They're not spotless, but much better. Then, I cleaned the windows.  Don't know where I got the energy for this today, but I'm glad I did.    The problem is, I did not get everything done that was on my list.  Bathrooms are still dirty and I didn't get to the fan in our bedroom.   Brian said he would clean the bathrooms- not holding my breath!! Ha!  I realize I haven't even posted Easter for us.  It will have to wait.........I am headed to bed!  I'm hurting!!  Easter days coming soon!  

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We had a special "cross" service tonight at Riverbend.  Brian led us through the gospels about Christ's scourging and his agonizing time on the cross.  The second half, the children were asked to come in the service with us to "experience" the Lord's supper and confession time.  Nathan had a whole can of Pepsi before this , ONLY as a treat and because there is no school tomorrow.  I just knew that was the reason he could not be still or focus.  He was putting his feet on the chair in front of him, and all the sudden he picked the chair up with his feet, knocking the Pepsi can over in the process.  It was empty, but some spilled out.  He continued to be wiggly and resistant to my correction.  I finally took him out, went to the bathroom,  and spoke to him about his lack of disrespect for me, those around him, and most importantly God.  Do you know that we returned and he barely moved a muscle.  So, that proved to me that while the caffeine might have made him a little hyper, he COULD control himself!  Then, the time came for me to go and get my bread and juice for the supper.  He broke out into tears and claimed he wanted some too.  How can I explain to him what is going on in the middle of it?  He continued to cry and was sooooo mad at me for not letting him have some bread, he was hungry too.  He thought it was snack time, I guess. Ha!   He convinced me he was never eating bread again!  He also told me that I would never see him smile again until I let him have something at the Lord's Supper.  I tried to convince him that that was not my choice but God's.  I stated that I can't make God's decisions for Him.  I went on to share with him that he would know when God was ready for him to be saved.  He was just not ready.  Wow, I was not prepared for this tonight.  It was a tough one.  Nathan thought he was being left out, and told me he was the only one to not get any bread.  Being a mom, you want to give him your piece.  That was tempting- no not really!!!! Now as I sit here and write this, I think about the times I have been greedy and unresponsive to correction..............?  For now, all I can do is pray for Nathan.  I long for the day when God speaks my son's name  and he hears it.  I pray I will always hear when he speaks mine, and respond as He leads.  Now, I just pray I can rest.  This hit me hard!!  Sleepless in Hernando????

Sunday, April 5, 2009

More Guinea Pig Fun

We were finally able to take the guinea pig out of the cage.  Here are some pics below.


We had our first "Splash" night at Riverbend Sunday night.   This is for children ages 3- 5th grade.  They had an incredible worship time, crafts, and games.  Liz Alexander is our new children's ministry director.  She did an awesome job getting this all together.  It was a very fun night!!!!!  We can't wait for the next one.  Big thanks to all the workers that helped out!!

Little David (literally)

Preschool group and workers

Mari Morgan, Karis, and Madison

Nicole and Elie

Big kids craft time

Anna and Casey

Nathan crawling at game time

There's a really big kid that joined in.  I've never seen Brian move this fast!!

Saturday, April 4, 2009

Guinea Pig sitting

I subbed on Friday in a fifth grade classroom.  This room has a pet Guinea Pig.  At the end of the day on Friday, one of the children are supposed to take it home for the weekend because they don't want it to stay at the school.  The end of the day arrived,  and no one took the Guinea Pig.  One of  the other teachers said, "It looks like you're going to have this critter for the weekend."   Nathan heard this and wanted to take him.  So, we loaded up all the pig's stuff and headed home.  The kids have had a blast with him!!!  I don't really mind because I know he has to go back to school on Monday!  Happy sitting!!!!  

This is Henry drinking water