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Sunday, July 26, 2009

Mission Trip to the Coast

Our church went to Waveland, MS this weekend to help out West Bay Community Church, a new church plant on the coast.  Some of the men worked inside the sanctuary- hanging bead board and a chair rail on the wall.  The rest of us did servant evangelism at laundry mats and Wal-mart.  We also passed out some fliers at some apartment complexes- and yes, it was very HOT!!!  It was a short but fun trip.  We feel like people's lives were touched, and we were a blessing to the church by offering them some much needed encouragement.  Please remember this church in your prayers.  We plan to continue to go alongside them helping them out.  We may even return to Waveland in the near future.  Thanks to all that went.  Love you all!  On a personal note, this was our first time to take our children on a mission trip.  They were eager to tell people that Jesus loves them.  They got hot and tired, but it was great to show them that missions is not always easy.  It was neat to have them there. 

On our way!!  They're not hyper!! :)

We stopped and ate dinner on the way.  This croc was pretty cool.

Mari Morgan and Daddy

Guess what Nathan found inside the church building?  None other than a.......lizard.  He was quick to tell us that it was a house gecko.

Kids beds for the night.

Bedtime snack- Ms Liz wants a bite

Nates Lizard- sorry blurry!  Not even as long as a finger.

Lunchtime after a long mornings work!  The church provided this for us.  So nice of them.

Pastor- Brian(standing), Karen(pastor's wife), and one of their daughters- Holly.  They are such a sweet family.  The youth minister- Tim is sitting in the Navy vest.

On our way out of town, we went to the beach.  Here is Heather, Liz, Chelsea, and Anna.

The whole group.

The sanctuary

Christine and me

The kiddos.  The pier in the background is some remains of Katrina!

Mrs. Sue- she was the mother on the trip.  Cooked us a wonderful breakfast Sat. morning, and made sure everyone was okay.

Can't wait to go again!!

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