But He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Tuesday, March 29, 2011

Mari Morgan's Grandparent's Dance Show night

Mari Morgan had a Grandparent's night Dance Show this past week. This is a time when the class shows what they have been learning this year. And, the only time cameras or video cameras can be used. It was hard to get quality pictures with them on the stage because of the lighting, but I did the best I could do. She did an awesome job! We are proud of you.


more stretching

and more

ok, we're stretched out!

showing various ballet positions

think this might be jazz... :)

Grandma and MM

I remember when I could fit into one of these leotards

Nathan's 10th Birthday Party

Nathan turned 10 years old! I can't believe it! He wanted to go bowling and eat pizza. So, after school on Friday, we headed to Stike Zone, and then back home to have some pizza and a cookie cake. It was a blast!

I have been praying for Nathan to have a close friend his age that he really bonds with. Well, I think he has found him. At the beginning of school, Joshua was new to the school, and joined their class on the third day. Mrs. Musselwhite asked Nathan to be his "buddy" for the day. Since that time, they have really become great friends. Brian and I got to meet him at his party, and we were so excited to see the connection they have made. He is such a sweet boy, and I can see why they are good friends.

We love you, Nathan, and look forward to spending many more years of celebrations!

On the way to Strike Zone

MM being a ham

The crew

Austin, Jacob, Joshua, Nathan, William, and David

Bowling or baseball?

Joshua and Nathan


Said they were having a football meeting

Nate and David

Eating time

Hanging out

Monday, March 28, 2011

Spring time fun at Longview Point

One of our favorite things to do when it starts getting warmer is taking Zeke to the lake at Longview point to fetch the ball. He can really swim. The kids love it too, because they get to swing and ride their bikes. This was Sofie's first trip, and she was right behind Zeke every step. But, she didn't try to swim. Maybe next time! Looking forward to more weather like this!

Hard to post!

As if teaching full time is not enough of a reason for my blogging to be sporatic and inconsistent--now throw in the fact that I now can only download pictures on here from Brian's computer. I have so much to post.... please stay tuned!! :)

So how am I REALLY doing?

I wake up exhausted, yet go about my day as usual. Get ready for school, jump in the truck with Brian(remember, I can't drive yet), teach until 2:30, do homework with the kids, stress about what's for dinner, hoping we have enough money to eat out, :) although I am aware that is is so unhealthy, try to get a little schoolwork done, go to kids' activities, a little more schoolwork, pick up some around the house, spend atleast 5 minutes with my kiddos, a little more schoolwork, try to spend time with Brian, go to bed, get up and do it all over again.

Sound familiar???? Your life too, maybe!
This morning I stayed home from school because I felt yucky. I have been reading my Bible and talking to God. I told Him.... I just need peace. More than being a mom that worries about what to eat, if my house will EVER be clean again, my husband in the ministry-being pressed by all that involves, more than worrying about what is really wrong with me, or if I will have a seizure today, or if I will have what it takes to finish out this year strong at school-so much pressure, if my kids know I love them for who they are, if my husband knows how I truly love his faithfulness, if the Lord will wash over Riverbend with blessing..... the list goes on and on...

Sound familiar?????

This is what I came across this morning; "The Lord bless you and keep you;the Lord make His face shine upon you, and be gracious to you,; the Lord lift up His countenance upon you, and give you peace."

Peace,then, can only be defined by God,given by Him, and bestowed upon the heart as the crowning prize when every trace of ourself has surrendered to the Father's will.
- Patricia Hickman

I know I can only find true peace when I give all of this stuff to Him. Lord, help me do that.

So, how am I doing? Making it....striving for His peace!

Friday, March 18, 2011

Art-- Quite a challenge for me!

A friend of mine, Mary Beth, had a painting party tonight. She is so very talented and wants to use her talents to glorify the Lord in every way she can. I really admire her and her walk with our Savior. She had a painting completely painted for us to go by, and also showed us step by step how to do each stroke on a clean canvas. We were supposed to follow her to paint the same picture. I did fair, but oh so far from a prize that's for sure. It was a lot of fun! I hope to do it again very soon! Thank you, Mary Beth for getting my creative juices flowing. :)

This is MB's painting

This is mine. Yes, my dragonfly is pregnant! :)

All of our paintings together

My beautiful artwork.....ha!

Thursday, March 17, 2011

Mari Morgan's 7th Birthday party

Mari Morgan wanted to go skating this year for her party. But, first, we had cupcakes, chips, and Koolaid at home. As you may have seen in my last post, we went to Ann Olivia's cupcakes in town to get her cupcakes. They don't make just your normal cupcake. They are vey fancy with glitter--perfect I thought for a seven year old girl party. There were many to choose from, but we chose the chocolate chip cheesecake frosting on yellow cake. After I passed them out, all the girls were just sitting there. I told them to go ahead and eat, and MM finally blurted out, these cupcakes are awful. It was hilarious. Only 1 girl liked the cupcakes. So, we happened to have some chocolate frosting in the cabinet and re-iced them all with that. They were pleased.
Then, we all got into the car, and traveled to Skate Oddesy in Horn Lake for a little skating. The place was packed, but we lined all the girls up to get their skates. The worker told us that there were no more skates left in their sizes. They had to use some preschool plastic skates. Ha! The party definately had its problems, but I think everyone ended up having a good time! We came back to our house, opened presents, played a game, made jewelry and played outside. This will be a birthday party we won't forget! Oh, and her bff, Karis, spent the night.(cherry on top)

Found the banner in my party supply box, and the Lemonds' supplied the balloons!

Princess crowns left over from last years party, and a leftover blue table cloth did the trick!

7 candles on the not-so-good cupcake :(

Karis and Matty

Emma Kate and Kara

THE icing dumped off the cupcake--I personally thought it tasted great!

My Birthday girl

Holding on for dear life! Check out those skates!

Emma Kate taking a rest

Matty and MM

MM and Julia Kate (JK is in her 1st grade class this year at HES)

Karis gave her new earrings (diamond studs and diamond crosses)

MM with Kara and Kate (Church friends)

MM and Matty (Matty was in her K class.) We miss you so much!

MM with Emma Kate. EK is in her class this year at HES

The whole crew

Making jewelry

Bath time, or swim time????

They love to get in the bathtub with their swimsuits on :)

Night night time. MM's doll beside her asleep

Karis's doll beside her asleep

Engaged in a movie. Sleep tight!

Hope you enjoyed your birthday---- now Nate's next weekend! Atleast I get a week to recover!