But He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Saturday, August 29, 2009

A Long 3 weeks

We were without Internet for close to 3 weeks.  They just got us hooked back up late Thursday.  I am so excited to be able to blog again, and to read those I love to read.  Now, I am just waiting for something exciting to happen so I can blog about it.  It was torture not being able to get on Face book, or check anything on line.  I never knew how much I depended on it until I didn't have it.  I was also made aware of the time I spent with it in my lap- precious time I could be outside playing with my kids or just talking with my husband- just a few things I learned along the way.    I did have a yard sale today and sold around 90 dollars.  I won't get to shop til I drop, but I hope to be able to get some shoes for my kids for school.  They need them, Bad!  It was a great day for yard sales, and looking forward to God blessing us with cooler weather this upcoming week.    

Friday, August 21, 2009

Fun Friday!

Nathan had a sleepover at the Wrights home, so Mari Morgan wanted to have one at her house.  We ended up with five sweet girls over ranging from age 4 to 10.  I never heard one fuss or complaint.  They ate cupcakes, played with dolls, sang karaoke with High School Musical,  and watched Princess Protection Program.  It was so much fun!  Mari Morgan was in heaven!!  These are some of her friends at Riverbend, and they are all very close.  God has really blessed MM with their friendship!  She loves them all dearly.

Karis,McKenzie,Mari Morgan,Anna, and Ellie

Being silly with beads!

Mari Morgan and one of her favorite friends ever... Karis

McKenzie and crazy Anna

Anna and Ellie
What a FUN night!!!!

Tuesday, August 11, 2009

First Day of School

What a morning!!  My baby, Mari Morgan,  has officially started Kindergarten, and Nathan is now a 3rd grader.  Wow!  Time flies!  Both of them woke up ready to go to school.  As we pulled  out of the driveway, I couldn't believe this day was actually here.  "I am taking both of my children to school", I thought.  My mind was overtaken by this thought. It took forever to find a parking place.  Nathan and I walked MM to her room, and helped her put her things away.  Then, it was kiss and a hug, and a quick bye-bye.  Can you believe I did not cry?  She was so brave and confident, and so at ease.  That sure does make a difference.  As we walked out of the room, I felt this sick feeling inside.  "God will take care of her", I said to myself.   I swallowed a big lump in my throat, and headed to Nathan's room.   Nathan's teacher, Mrs. Miller, met him with a smile.  She asked him to put a clothespin on his shirt as a name tag for the day.   He was shaking from head to toe, and could not get it on.  I put it on for him, and helped him find his desk.  He sat down, and I gave him a hug and a kiss and told him he would be fine.  He smiled and said, "I know".  I left his room a little shaky myself, but knew he would be taken care of.  I love DCES, and am so thankful for their wonderful, Godly teachers.  Praying this will be a great year!!      

My sweet Mari Morgan

My precious big babies!

Special morning

Sunday, August 9, 2009

Does This Have to Be So Hard?

Oh yes, it is time for a post!  I could write forever on my kids, as most of you could write on and on about yours.  Well, let me take a minute to write about mine.  Nathan and Mari Morgan are ready for school.  We were picking out her outfit today that she would wear tomorrow.  I wanted her to wear a little sun dress that has her name on it.  You have to understand, she does not like for me to pick out her clothes and will almost refuse to keep what I buy her when she is not with me.  In other words, if I wouldn't have wanted her to wear the dress,  she probably would have chosen it.  Yep, that's Mari Morgan.  So, she picked out an outfit that I believe is a little busy, although it does match.  I decided to let her wear it since it is her first day, and I want her to be happy.  Remember what I wanted her to wear had her name on it.  She put together what she was wearing and said, "Oh mom, I can just tell them my name."   She said that in such a sassy way, I had to laugh.  Nathan is jumping off the walls, and would wear a feed sack if I put it on him.  Well, their lunches and snacks are packed, and they are sound asleep.  Tomorrow will be very hard for me.  I will miss them both, but the thought of my last-my baby girl going to REAL school, as she calls it, breaks my heart.  Lord, I need your peace, and to claim the promise that you take care of all your children.  I'll have pictures tomorrow- but for now, it's time for some Benadryl and the bed.  Oh how I love my two babies and thank God for them every day.   

Friday, August 7, 2009

Room Projects Continued...

My mom came and helped me finish up the kids rooms. I love for her to come and help me decorate. I tell her all the time she missed her calling. She can take what you have at home, and make your home look great! Their walls were bare, but not anymore. Thank you, mom for coming to help.

Nathan's favorite- a new cork board that he can display his honor roll and swimming ribbons on.

Mom and Mari Morgan putting the hooks on the board.

Leaves are his window treatment. Lizards like leaves, right? He wants it to look like a jungle in his room.

Ooops cork board again.

These ballerina paintings we found at Goodwill for five bucks each. We were so excited! Tried to crop so can see them better, but didn't work. They are perfect!

Blue tulle- hung with moms touch-rosettes!

We hung beads on her door, and later I found this. She had tied them together with this ribbon. Pretty slick!

She was proud of herself.

We love you, Grandma!!

Thursday, August 6, 2009

Open House at DCES

Tonight was open house at Desoto Central Elementary where Nathan and Mari Morgan will be starting school Monday.  They were very excited to meet their teacher and classmates.  I did pretty well getting pics of Mari Morgan and her classroom, but not so good with Nathan.  I forgot to take a picture with her teacher, and totally forgot to take pictures at all in Nate's room.  Brian was filling out forms, and I was busy helping Nathan put away his supplies.  Did not even cross my mind- how CRAZY is that!!!  I pray they both have a wonderful year, and pray I can hold it together as I take my baby girl to school for the first time on Monday! 

Mari Morgan's cubby 

Outside her classroom.  The theme is circus.

Playing in the theater inside her room

The "house" area. She all ready loves this part.

Inside the circus tent- doesn't she look BIG!

Silly glasses

The school theme: Mission Possible

See you Monday morning!!

Wednesday, August 5, 2009

Hot, but I was on a Roll

Both kids had a sleepover last night, so it was rest time for them at our house today.   When we got home from their friends' houses the electricity was off.  I debated on letting them both sleep down stairs since it would be hot up, but quickly decided "no" because they were fussing and I knew they would not go to sleep. It was very quiet in the house and VERY hot upstairs, but Mari Morgan finally dozed off.  Then the phone started beeping because it needed to be charging.  The house alarm started beeping, with the trouble light blinking!  I  could not get either one to stop.  Of course, Nathan yelled downstairs, "Mom, Why is everything beeping?"  He never went to sleep. It will be early bedtime for him for sure.  I couldn't watch t.v.(which I don't do much of anyway), play on the computer, or go anywhere.  So, all I had left to do was clean. Ha!!  I got our bedroom cleaned out, folded and put away about 3 loads of laundry, organized some things, cleaned bathrooms, and dusted.  Now, I am about to go start dinner.  While it is cooking, I plan to mop my floors and windex.  Maybe I need to have my electricity turned off more often !??!   

Monday, August 3, 2009

New Month, New Blog!

As I was listening to K-Love on my way to a meeting this morning, a lady caught my attention as she was describing her life right now. She said that every August 1st she has had something BIG happen in her life. From their first move as a married couple to a life change in their marriage. This year, she said she woke up on August 1st and said Lord, I'm excited about what might happen on this first of August. She said she cleaned her house from top to bottom all day, waiting for something to happen. At the end of the day, after she finally sat down from cleaning, she realized she had a VERY clean house. Before she went to sleep she thought my house is cleaner than it has ever been- that's my big happening on this day! She began to talk about how every August 1st is her day with God, and the day where she just starts afresh. I started thinking about that myself. Don't you just LOVE fresh starts, new beginnings.  God is that merciful to us each day.  He gives us a clean slate each time we fail Him.  We have an awesome God!!  So, with all that said, I had to have a "fresh, new blog",  which by the way is still a work in progress.