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Sunday, July 19, 2009

Nathan's swim meet in Tunica

Nathan and his swim team were in the Championship meet today.  It started at 9:15, so after the early church service, we rushed to the Tunica Aquatic Center.  We did not want to miss one of his races.  They ate lunch in the car.  We arrived just in time for him to change into his swim pants and warm-up about 5 minutes before his first race.  Brian's parents came to watch, so they took Mari Morgan so I could get Nathan registered and where he was supposed to be.  It was a mad rush!!  But, we did it.  Brian was able to make it to his 2nd and last race.  We were very glad of that.  Nathan did a great job, considering this was his first time in this big of a meet.  It was packed with swimmers and spectators.  So much fun!  We are proud of him and can't wait for next year, as he will be stronger, to do it again!  I am trying to uplaod a video of one of the races, but it has failed twice.  Hopefully I can get it to work.  

On your mark!  Nathan about to start the backstroke race.  He is in the  lane second from the top.  

Warming up

Set to dive for the free style.  He fell off the block, resulting in a penalty.  I felt so sorry for him, but he kept swimming!

Waiting to get on the block for his race

He wanted a silly face picture.

Another  silly one

Hanging out between races

Much better!

My little ham!  She gets VERY bored!!!!!

Getting instructions from helper Devin

Devin writing race numbers and heats on his arm

Nervous and cold!!

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