But He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Saturday fun!

Mari Morgan started working on her robot project that is due Monday. She enjoys crafts so much-- she did not get that from me.

Cutting and taping her box

I'm a robot! :)

Sofie being lazy in the sunshine

Nate the basketball pro :) He is practicing here, but today he played his last game of the season, scoring 6 points. We are so proud!

Look at that form!

Little love...

Saturday, February 12, 2011

Snow Days and Sofie

Laying around during snow days, and Sofie's first walk!

Wednesday, February 9, 2011

Another new family member!

Mari Morgan has been wanting a puppy for a long time. Nathan got a lizard for good grades, so Mari Morgan wanted a puppy. We've been talking about an inside smaller dog for a while. So, we have been looking around, and have gone to Petco at the adoption days looking for just the right one. We heard of this one, and asked the owner to send us pictures. We really liked her, and traveled to Holly Springs last night to look at her. She is a cocker spaniel. Mari Morgan really liked her, and the puppy loved Nathan's soft fleece jacket. She kept going to Nathan at first, which made MM upset. After a while, she warmed up to MM too, and boy does she LOVE it. The owner gave her a bath, and we took her home. We were contemplating names on the way. Many were tossed around, like Cookie, Sadie, Oreo, Gretchen, Maya, ..... Nothing seemed to be right. Well, when we got her home, we realized she really liked snuggling up to soft things. Mari Morgan said softy, then said, Sophie. So, that would be her name. It is Perfect! We are losing some sleep, but having lots of fun with her.

First time on our floor

Love, love

Mari Morgan bought her this little toy at Petco

I think she likes it.

Saturday, February 5, 2011

My Little Selena

I bought some foam rollers a long time ago, wanting Mari Morgan to let me roll her hair one night. I have started wearing my hair curled some, and she always tells me she doesn't like it. She has always been plain jane when it comes to hair. I haven't pushed it, because I knew it was not her style. BUT, last night, she came in the bathroom and asked me if I could roll her hair in the morning. I told her I would and asked her if she would rather sleep in some foam rollers. I explained to her that my mom rolled mine in foam rollers every Saturday night so I would have pretty curls for Sunday morning. She agreed, and I was elated! I rolled it up as best I could, and she actually slept in them all night. When she woke up this morning she took them out on her own, and came down to show me. She said she liked them. I was so glad. Later today, we went to Target and there is a line of clothing that is called The Alex Russo collection, which is Selena Gomez's name on Wizards on Disney. There was a picture of her, and her hair looked very similiar to MM's. She was so excited. We bought a shirt, and she claims she will look just like Selena now. She has walked around all day saying, "I have curly hair". She asked me to roll her hair every other night, but I'm not so sure about that!

The infamous pink rollers

Not a good pic. This was taken tonight with my old camera. She looked pretty cute! Oh, and she had to go put on her glasses for the picture!
I love my girl!!