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Friday, August 12, 2011

Back to School Bash and School Time!!

First Day of Fifth and 2nd grade (sniff sniff)

Teachers Getting Ready For School

MM is in Miss Moses' and Mrs. Perkin's Room

My room--ready for "meet the teacher" night

HHES Back to School Barn Bash

There was a Back to school bash for all HHES faculty and staff on July 30. It took place at Mrs. Jones' barn. It was fun to see everyone after the summer, although it was very short.
These pics are with the buddies on my hall.

I am so fortunate to work with some awesome girls! Mrs. Gilder gave all of the teachers who scored a 200 or above on the MCT 2 test star necklaces at the party. I earned my first ever star necklace, and I don't think I have taken it off yet! :)

Mrs. Jones

Mrs. Phillips (She's not on my hall, but I love her anyway!

Mrs. Arton(She isn't either) :)

Mrs. Germany and her hubby

Mrs. Pounders--My little sunshine at school--:)

I LOVE my job!!!