But He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Wednesday, January 28, 2009

We had our first snow of 2009.  The kids were out of school, and they were so excited!  

Nathan making snow angel

Mari Morgan playing with Tiger

Mari Morgan tasting snow


Making a snow angel

Collecting snow for a snowball

Nathan down in the snow

Trampoline fun!

The slide was very fast with snow and ice.  Our 2 neighbors came over to play.  Tanner is about to slide.  Garret is next.

The guys making snow angels

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

I am so excited to hear from so many people from high school and college that I have not heard from in possibly 15 or more years.  I really didn't want to join Facebook, but my husband did and wanted me to.  Now, I am so glad that I did.  To you all who have visiting my blog from Facebook, I am so glad to be in touch with you again.  As many of you know, I was in a bad car accident in 1999.  Some of you were there with me through it and some have not heard an update in years.  I want to share with you my testimony, a part of me that some of you may not know.  This was painful to write, but so needed.  It was good to reflect on God's goodness.  Testimony in posts to come.
I am a miracle.  God saved me from a very tragic car accident.  This is going to be a short version of a very long ordeal.  But, here goes.  One year and a half into our marriage, I was hit head-on going about 60 mph.  I was airlifted to Duke UMC not moving a muscle, but breathing so I'm told.  Upon arriving at the ER, they discovered 2 broken bones in my arm, a collapsed lung, a lacerated spleen, a severe closed head injury, and an aneurysm off of my ascending aorta.

Their greatest concern was the head injury.  Brian says I appeared dead to him when he first saw me in ER.  Tubes were everywhere and blood coming out every hole in my body.  The docs told my family I would not make it through the night.  Those words were shared with my family many of the weeks during the seven I was there.  I went from being an independent person, to depending on someone for my every need.  Someone had to bathe me, clothe me, and feed me.  After numerous surgeries and rehab I have recovered.
The only things that remain are head issues and a nerve damaged right hand.  I was angry with God for a long time.   I did not pray.  I did not read my Bible.  God woke me up one morning, though.  You see, I was supposed to have eye surgery because I was cross-eyed.  God began to move my eyes back to their correct position one day before my surgery.  He said, "Paige, look what I have done".   
When He said this to me I was reading my Bible for the first time in 3 months.  Guess what I was reading?  One of the miracles about Jesus healing the blind.  I  bursts into tears and couldn't get down the stairs fast enough to tell my family.  I will NEVER forget that day!  Since then it has been a very slow healing  process both physically and spiritually.
During this time, the Lord blessed us with Nathan, a healthy baby boy.  Then, three years later, blesssed us with Mari Morgan, a healthy baby girl.  I was so scared that because of all the trauma my body had gone through that I would not be able to carry a baby full term.  Guess what?  No complications!!!  That was the best I had ever felt.  Almost tempts me to have another.  Not really!  Every baby is a miracle, but I believe my babies may be extra special ones. My health started going down again the summer of 2005.  The doctor found an aneurysm behind my right eye, which he felt had been there since the wreck.  I became depressed and wanted to give up.  I began to have "why me" parties again.  I grew very far away from the Lord.  My whole life was a front.  God healed me through yet another surgery and once again healed me spiritually after reading Psalm 42.  I hit my face in confession and praise!
So, all is okay,right?  Not exactly.  Yes my walk with the Lord was better, but I still carried around bitterness inside about what this wreck had done to my family and me.  Then, I attended a weekend retreat in the spring of '08 called Faithwalk.  I left kicking and screaming not wanting to go, but I returned a changed person.  God convicted me of the sin of bitterness while I was there and in a stream of tears I laid it at His feet.
My heart has been refreshed since that moment.  I still get excited when I think about it.  It changed every aspect of my life.  Today, how am I doing?  Satan still tries to discourage me and bring up the past.  But, I press on.  It is in the past, and was just part of his plan for me.  God has also shown me that He used this wreck for His glory.  People were brought closer to the Lord, and I believe people were saved.  What a blessing to be used in that realm!  I used to pray for God to heal my hand, but not anymore.  It reminds me of His miracles!  To God be the Glory!!!!

I wrote a poem shortly after I spent time with God that first time after my wreck.  I plan to post it tomorrow.  I'm tired of pecking.

Monday, January 26, 2009

I wanted to update you about Riverbend church.  Sunday we had 102 in attendance.  God is continuing to bless.  There were 11 in my children's class.  Nathan was still the only boy.  He started tearing up at first, but he got okay.  Please Lord send some boys!!!  Brian has a little more spring in his step.  We are very excited, but being careful to give Him all the glory.

"Wherever I cause my name to be honored, I will come to you and bless you."  Exodus 20:24b      

Friday, January 23, 2009

Today we met Laura Ogg and her twin boys at Conger Park.  Laura was one of the first friends I made when we moved here about 4 years ago.    We don't get together much so it was good to see them.  The kids had a blast playing.  We usually just go to the little park, so it was a BIG treat to go to the "big" park as they call it.   

Nathan, Mari Morgan, Peter, and Sam making a train on the slide

Laura and her boys

Peter making a silly face

Sam going up the slide

Thursday, January 22, 2009

My beautiful pink bandage

I am sitting on my couch with my feet propped up.  Why? Because I have to.  I had to have toe surgery today on an ingrown toenail.  I have been up with it for two nights and had the surgery today and I'm afraid I'll be up some more tonight.  The feeling has come back and it is throbbing pretty hard.  He gave me three shots in the tip of my toe before the surgery.  Poor Brian.  I embarrassed him to death.  I screamed to the top of my lungs!  I am not exaggerating.  There is a permanent mark on his finger where I squeezed it.    The doctor gave me some pretty powerful pain medicine, so I'll be out in a bit.  The kitchen is dirty from supper and there is laundry to be done.  But, it will have to wait.  Thankful for all the people that prayed for me today.  I needed it.  The doctor says it will feel like I have a brand new toe tomorrow morning.  We'll see.  Bedtime will be a little different tonight.  I will not be going up the stairs to tuck my kiddos in-sad.  In the middle of all this I think of what a great God we have.  He comforts us even over a petty toe issue.        

Sunday, January 18, 2009

After church a few of us went to King's Buffet(Chinese).  It was really good and sweet fellowship.

The kids loved the fish at this place.  They were really large goldfish.  Mari Morgan, David, and Morgan



Christine, Monica, and me

This picture is supposed to be under "Children's Church"- Worship Kid's Style.  You'll see why after you read about Nathan being the only boy.  Look at his smile.  Just got it out of order.

We were excited God brought @80 people to our service today.  We saw lots of new faces!  God just continues to bless Riverbend!!!!

Celebration service

We had 9 in "Worship Kid's Style", which is for our 1st-5th grade children.  I told Nathan he was a lucky guy because he was the only boy.  He didn't think so.  It doesn't look like he minds it too much, though.

We had 8 in preschool.  They were rockin'!

Mari Morgan and Maddy

Preschool praising Jesus with their awesome teacher, Christine

Nursery had 5.  They were no doubt busy.  Below is Candy and Eli.

Amber feeding baby

Brayden and Eli working puzzles


Saturday, January 17, 2009

I have been thinking today about how blessed I truly am.  I started actually saying them out loud.  I was truly brought to tears over the blessings.  The old hymn states count your blessings, name them one by one.  It really changes the way you think about everything.  I am especially thankful to God for allowing me to live from a life-threatening wreck- live to continue my marriage to the most wonderful guy on the planet, and to have two precious HEALTHY children.  They are all such blessings.  There is a song I have been thinking of that says, God forbid, if I find you so familiar.  If I think of you as less than who you are.  God forbid that I should speak of you at all, without a humble reverence in my heart- God forbid.  You are Father God Almighty, Lord of Lords,  you're King of Kings, beyond my understanding, no less than everything!

Thursday, January 15, 2009

Today I kept my friend Amanda's children while she worked. One might think I'm not a very god babysitter when I tell you what all happened. Brayden, who is a two year old boy started crying upstairs saying he was wet. I went up and found that he had plugged the sink up and the water had overflowed. The bathroom was flooded! He was drenched! The door was closed to the bathroom so I didn't hear a thing. These children play at my house a lot, so they play upstairs by themselves a lot, just in case you're wondering why I was not upstairs. Then, Karis their 4 year old, tumbles down the stairs and she starts crying with her toe. Did she break it? No- atleast I don't think so. Finally to top it all off, I fed them Ranch dressing and carrots with their sandwiches at lunch. About 5 bites into it I thought, "I better look to make sure this dressing does not have eggs in it." Why? Because Brayden is allergic to eggs. Written on the bottle big as ever- ALLERGY WARNING: egg. I freaked out, broke out into a sweat, and called mom. Mom was calm, cool, and collected as she always is, makes me sick. She said give him Benadryl. So I did and he was fine. How thankful we are for Benadryl! I was totally exhausted when they left and passed out on the couch while my daughter watched a movie. We did have a good day regardless of all the scares. Below are a few pictures.
I told them that they could have a treat if they ate a good lunch.
Do you think they are excited?

Braden with a little Hot Chocolate.

Here's "the crew" with their hot chocolate.

Brayden helping me clean up with his vacuum.

Sunday, January 11, 2009

God is so good!  We had over 100 at our "relaunch" worship service today in Hernando.  It was so exciting to see all the people coming in.  I had 11 in children's church.  It was a little overwhelming, but I think everyone had a good time and hopefully learned something too.  I look forward to the coming days to see what God has in store for His church.  Praise and glory to The Lord!

Saturday, January 10, 2009

Today Pop and JoJo(Brian's parents) came to visit.  They came to watch Nathan's first basketball game which is posted below.  JoJo's birthday is  Tuesday, so they wanted to go eat.  We went to Kyoto.  My kids think it is the greatest because they do tricks and make fire, although Mari Morgan is a little scared of the fire.  We had a great time.

Pop is allergic to shrimp so they were telling him to hold his nose while they cooked our shrimp.  It was so funny!

Mari Morgan says it's loud when they cook.

M&M trying chopsticks

Today was Nathan's first Basketball game.  I didn't get a lot of pics- too much going on.  But he did score a goal.  I was sooooo upset because I missed it.  I was talking, and all of the sudden I heard Pop say, "Way to go Nathan."  I am so upset I missed it.  Oh, well, maybe next time.  I still think it is Amanda Lemond's fault.  Just joking!!  Amanda and the kids came to watch Nathan.  Brayden is one of Nathan's biggest fans!  It was fun having them there.  Next time I just can't sit by Amanda!

Nathan waiting to go back in

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

I have been in prayerful thought much of the day about the new church plant we launch on Sunday. Brian and David have been in a hustle trying to make sure everything is ready. Christine, Amanda, and I have been working in our kids' rooms and decorating a little. What an exciting time! But, in all the hustle and bustle, God has been preparing me in a personal way. I have started a Bible reading plan to read the Bible through this year. I've started off in Isaiah, and it has really "kicked me in the tail". In order for me to be used by Him, there has to be clean-ups that I have to make in myself. So, as we have been cleaning the new building, I have thought about that dirt in my life that has to be removed before I can be a shiny vessel for Him. I have seen the importance of being in the Word more than ever. Please pray for Riverbend this week. Nathan and Mari Morgan have both had their first day back at school for this year. Both have been pretty cranky about it, but it will get better, I hope. I start back to work next week. It will be hard for me as well. They grow up too fast. I have really enjoyed being with them these past 2 weeks. It has been a blast!

Thursday, January 1, 2009

My kids love to help Grandma make her homemade biscuits every morning when we stay with her. They have the best time. New Years morning was not any different. They usually make crazy shapes, but this time they look close to what Grandma makes. We usually cook theirs while we eat the "real" yummy ones. Then they take a few bites of theirs and then the birds get the rest. But, I wanted to show you what has become a ritual in the mornings at Grandma's house!

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