But He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Friday, October 28, 2011

Where Did October Go?

This month has gone by so fast!! It feels like we just started school, and now it is about to be the Holiday season! My update on me running couch to 5k is no more. Yes, I gave up..I stopped. I continued exercising some, then gradually fell off that boat. I am just not motivated. I hope to start back soon. School is going okay. I still enjoy teaching, but everything else that goes along with it steals the joy. My class has really improved in their behavior, which is a big plus. I have had to move desks around at least 2 times a week since we have been in school to get them where I want them behaviorally. It's working! You do what you have to do. Also, I have become a drill Sargent, which is so not my nature. We will survive! Thankful for what this group is teaching me.

My time with the Lord these past couple of weeks has been great!! God has really been showing me in His Word ways to be His hands and feet in my home and in the world. Satan is the father of lies. Satan has really been after my family . He seeks to corrupt families, churches, creativity, joy,--all goodness and truth. Anything God says is good, the enemy goes after. This verse has really stuck with me, ...Whenever he speaks a lie, he speaks from his own nature;for he is the father of lies." John 8:44b

I love my time in the morning before everyone gets going. Just me,my cup of cofee, my Bible, and Jesus!! :)

God's Beautiful World

Over Fall Break, the kids went back to North Carolina with Brian's parents. So, we decided to take a trip of our own. It was soooooooo relaxing-- 2 whole days with no schedules,no phone calls, no kids...Yes, it's true...We all need a break!! We went to Mountain View, Arkansas. Neither of us had ever been there before, we just wanted to see the mountains with all of the leaves changing. We were in awe of God's beauty! Thank you, Brian for this much needed trip....it was a pleasure to enjoy it with the love of my life!!

This dam was huge!

Loved this little country store--we even got some Christmas presents.

Loved this flower

Very yummy burger joint!

The natural spings....gorgeous...the guy too, LOL

I promised Nathan I would hike...you decide if you think this was truly a hike! :)

What Are My Kids Up To?

I would like to share about my 2 little blessings. They are sunshines in my life. Nathan....A teacher once told me," If every child could be like Nathan, the world would be a much better place". She says he is ALWAYS happy. I agree with her. Nathan LOVES life! His smile is contagious! Did I mention...smart? We worked so hard to pull his grade up this 9 weeks, and he did it. A/B honor roll! So proud of him.

Mari-Morgan.......She has become such a little lady with one of the kindest, loving hearts I've ever known. She loves Jesus, and she wants everyone to know that. She too is very smart, and so much fun!!

God has truly blessed me beyond measure.

Nathan has another love besides football and lizards. I haven't told you much about this, because we really didn't know if he was going to take this seriously. He loves "rock out" music and wants to play in a band one day. He is learning to play the electric guitar.... now, this is not one of my favorite instruments, but if it makes him want to be involved in music, I am all for it! Nathan is very gifted musically. He could sing a song at 2 years of age without missing a note or a beat. We believe God has gifted him in this area, so we told him he could play football only if he pursued something musically. He chose to take electric guitar lessons and has not looked back. He is still very much a beginner, and does not want to practice, but he is doing a good job. Keep it up, son!

First love
His last lizard Stewart died, so we do not have his second love right now.....

Third love

He just started playing cords

C chord

D chord

My Nathan!


Dr. Seuss Day

This is making her Dr. Seuss hat--right down her ally--she loves art!

MM had straight A's her first 9 weeks of second grade. So, we went to get a manicure! So fun!!

Walking in the rain with her "just like you doll" (American Girl).

Her first "writing process" publish.
Story about a cowgirl-she LOVES horses and cowgirl stuff!
Of course, she made a 100. A 95 is devastating for her! LOL