But He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Wednesday, February 24, 2010

Go Bulldogs!!

I got a chance to be at "The Hump" on a very special night. Our friends, Jason and Helen Wright, gave me 3 tickets to the Alabama/MSU game. My mom and dad and I got to go. We had the best time. My favorite player, Barry Stewart,
received an award for the most 3 pointers in MSU history. Jarvis Venardo became the leader in the NCAA of blocked shots. When he blocked the winning shot the place went CRAZY!!! Best of all, we won the game, and moved 1 step closer to an NCAA tourney bid. Big thank you to the Wright family for giving us tickets. We had a blast!!

"The Hump"

My mom and I showing our spirit!

The team before the game

Barry Stewart getting his award basketball.

Lenardo- Check out the t-shirt. It says, the king of swat! Pretty cool. That's his mom to the left.

So much fun!!!

Thursday, February 18, 2010

Believing God!

With so much going on in the world and all the insecurities, it is sometimes hard to believe in ANYTHING! I am really struggling right now with stress over a job and Nathan and Mari Morgan's education. With all the changes they say could be made, I am not sure I could handle teaching in public school, or placing my children in their hands. I am looking into several different options, and was reminded this morning, that I don't have to do this alone. Matthew 21:22 says, If you believe, you will receive whatever you ask for in prayer. I know where I want to teach, and I know where I would like for my kids to be. But, this may or may not be where God wants us! So, this is my prayer; Lord, you know my desire, but I am believing you to direct me right smack dab where you want us. You say in your word, if I believe it, I receive it. So, that takes the pressure off of me. I am BELIEVING God that He will give me my answer, not the circumstances!!

Sunday, February 14, 2010

Valentines Day!

We had a great Valentine's Day. The day started with me teaching 1st-5th grade children's church. The lesson was on God providing for your needs. I really appreciate how the kids really listen and loved telling them how God has provided for me, and that He will always provide for them as well. Then, I got to hear a wonderful sermon from my pastor, who happens to be my husband, about love. Not only love between husband and wife, but about our relationship with our loving Father. We took the Lord's supper, and through that and the music, I was encouraged to be bold for my God and to spend more time with Him. So neat to see how God is using Brian to touch people's lives and that He chose me to be his wife. I am a blessed woman! Brian surprised me with chocolate covered strawberries, and some new p.j.'s. Thank you God for my wonderful family!!

Snow days!! Late Blogging!

We had no idea that we would wake up to a winter wonderland Monday morning. The weather men thought
we would miss it! But, we had about 4 inches when we woke up Monday morning. The kids, of course, were out of school and they were so excited! It was PERFECT snow. Perfect for snow men and snow balls. We had so much fun playing. We used Nathan's boogie board as a sled. Brian got exercise pulling them down the hill. We also made snow ice cream and it was delicious.

Zeke loved the snow! But, it sure made him look dirty. :)

Mari Morgan and our neighbor, Ryan

Nate about to slide

Check out this snow ball

Mari Morgan making the snow man's head

MM trying to pull Ryan on the sled

Our little snow man

This is one of the "ice " days- not much to play in.

Video of Nathan sledding, or should I say boogying?

Mari Morgan's crash. :) She likes to watch this!

More late pics!

These are some pictures of the "ice" day.

Saturday, February 6, 2010

Saturday Upward Basketball

This is Mari Morgan's 4th basketball game. She has improved, but I must say she has a LONG way to go. :) It is so much fun watching these Kindergarten and first grade play. They are so confused, but have such a good time. It is very entertaining!!!

John Douglas Arnold and MM; They are in the same class at school. He is a cutey!

Take a look at this video of MM dribbling up the court!

Here are Nathan and Mari Morgan's biggest fans; Pop and JoJo(Brian's parents). They come from Houston, MS every Saturday to watch them play. We say a big "thank you" to them. We love you very much!

Nothing serious!!

Well, my colonoscopy was a breeze compared to the prep on Wednesday. I was lying on the floor in the bathroom at 1:30 Thursday morning terribly nauseated and near dehydration I am sure. I cried out to God while lying there, and he calmed me and put me to sleep, right there on the cold tile! I was up again at 4:30 and then again at 6:30. I don't see how there was anything left in my system. So thankful for a wonderful husband and mom who took such good care of me and helped so much with the kids! They did not find anything serious, although they did do a routine biopsy on some colon tissue. They also mentioned scar tissue and adhesions that were there from a previous intestinal surgery as a child. The doctor says when you have had this type of surgery, you respond badly to bacteria, which I had in my intestines for nearly 2 months. He told me to take pro-biotics to help put " good" bacteria into my system. Hopefully this will help. I am very thankful to God for His faithfulness to my family and me!

Friday, February 5, 2010

Master Bedroom and bath Makeover

For Christmas and anniversary, I told Brian I wanted a bedroom makeover. We have changed the kids' rooms twice since we have lived in this house, so I thought it was our turn. Of course, I knew it would have to be a gradual thing, because a complete makeover at one time, can be pricey!! I was fine with that. Well, I knew what color I wanted, and while we were in North Carolina about a month ago, my friends took me to this neat home store. I can't think of the name of it, but they said HGTV uses it a lot. While we were there, I found THE comforter set. Even better was the price. Bed in a bag-$60.00 including comforter, 2 regular shams, 2 euro shams, plus 2 throw pillows, and bedskirt. I was loving it! Then, for Christmas, my mom and dad bought us a bed from my brother and sister-in-law that they wanted to sell. I've always loved their bed. Then, we received a very nice queen mattress set from an elderly couple in Southaven for FREE. So, all that was left for us was the paint. It all came together much sooner than I thought it would. During the snow days, we started painting. We both LOVE our new bed and room. There is still one side of the room that is not ready, but I had to blog our bed!! Total cost for this makeover: $110.00.

Which color??

Color choice: Neutral by Ferrel Calhoun

Mari Morgan helped with the bathroom. She loved helping us paint!

Our new bed and tan room.

So comfy!

My blue bathroom. LOVE this!!

Wednesday, February 3, 2010

Liquids, liquids, and more liquids!

I think I have posted before about this intestinal bacteria that will not go away. Well, my 4th antibiotic did not work either, so their next step is a colonoscopy. Today, I start my liquid diet, and the procedure will be tomorrow. I am still able to have coke and coffee thank goodness, but zero food!!! Yikes!!! I am really nervous about this because I do not function well when I do not eat. Praying that the Lord will sustain me and give me a peace. Starting at 5:00, I have to take meds, and drink 2 10 0z bottles of magnesium citrate, whatever that is. Then, try to get some sleep, and head to doc at 7:45 in the morning for the procedure. I will post results as I feel up to it later on. My mom is coming today to help out. Always feel better when Mom is here.

On a more exciting note, I attended a CEU class both Monday night and Tuesday. Trust me, that is not the exciting part. But, last night, the speaker asked us to stand and tell one thing about ourselves that was true, and one that was not true. My statement was this; My favorite color is pink, or I had a life-threatening car accident and now I can't use my right hand very well. They guessed my favorite color is pink. I got to share with them that I was a miracle, and the goodness of our Great God. You could have heard a pin drop in the room. From there, many people wanted to hear the story, which opened up a way for me to share about God's love. VERY EXCITING! Divine appointment? I think so. :)