But He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Tuesday, January 27, 2009

My heart has been refreshed since that moment.  I still get excited when I think about it.  It changed every aspect of my life.  Today, how am I doing?  Satan still tries to discourage me and bring up the past.  But, I press on.  It is in the past, and was just part of his plan for me.  God has also shown me that He used this wreck for His glory.  People were brought closer to the Lord, and I believe people were saved.  What a blessing to be used in that realm!  I used to pray for God to heal my hand, but not anymore.  It reminds me of His miracles!  To God be the Glory!!!!

I wrote a poem shortly after I spent time with God that first time after my wreck.  I plan to post it tomorrow.  I'm tired of pecking.

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  1. Paige,
    I can't tell you how this has touched my heart! I remember getting the phone call from Jada about your wreck...the day it happened...I remember hearing the words..."The doctors are not expecting her to live!" I remember how I stayed up all night for several nights in prayer for your life!! The flashbacks of our friendship...our laughter...our fun...our childhood... played over and over in my head during those days and the following weeks. You were one of my best friends for 16 years...we shared so many first...so many unforgetable moments....How could this happen to you of all people? I was in disbelieve...but I know the only thing I could do for you was Pray....so pray I did...A desprate begging and petitioning for God to save your life...to show us signs that he was hearing our prayers. These there were the consistant thoughts during that time...Many of us felt so helpless because you were so far away...my only connection, really, to YOU was the prayers between me and Jesus!! Through the following weeks after your wreck it became evident that God was hearing our prayers and not only hearing but answering....So, a miracle you say...you better believe it!! You are a walking testimony of the amazing grace of our Lord Jesus Christ! Through him, you over came death!!! So, satan still bothers you, heck yeah he does~!!!! Your hand, Paige, your hand is nothing more than a reminder of where you came from!!! Praise God for your hand....praise God that you know where you are...who you are...that you remember how to breathe....that you know your in this world at all!!! What a blessing you are....

    Paige, I have taken care of the exact same trauma situations that you have lived through...Often times, I have stood at the foot of a bed of a young lady or gentleman...and thought about you.... many times I have comforted moms and dads with your success story!! When their looking at their baby...and they turn to me and ask those famus words, "What do you think?" I tell them the reality of the situation...the severity of the injuries....then...then...I get to tell them..."I have this friend who...." and I see hope take a stronger grip in their hearts and I see them reach out a little harder to God...Paige...my dear...yes satan will come...you and your story have blessed and encouraged people beyone your wildest imagination!!! I am so thankful and grateful for our time as bff's...thankful and grateful to have known you since we were 5! You hold your head up high and look down your nose at Satan for he has been defeated!!! Baby doll, I love you and have always loved you...and have always followed your progress!!! You have always been special to me and will stay in my heart no matter where you go....or what we go through!!