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Sunday, February 15, 2009

We spent the weekend at my mom's house.  We have not been to their house since Christmas and it was a lot of fun.  Nathan got to play with Hogan, his first cousin, on Saturday morning.  He loves to play with him.  Hogan is in 4th grade and is so sweet to my immature little Nathan.  Mari Morgan also got a treat.  She got to go to Edie's house and spend the night for the first time.  They had a pajama party.  She was so excited!!!!!  Edie is her first cousin and they are 4 days apart.  They LOVE each other!  It is almost annoying.  They always hold hands and hug.  On Sunday we all went to church together and came back to my parents' house for lunch.  My mom had made a heart cake for them to decorate.  They had the best time.  Here are a few pics of our afternoon.   Oh, I forgot to tell you, my 90 year old grandmother also spent Sunday with us.  You will see her in some of the pictures below. 

Mari Morgan, Edie, Banks, and Nathan the decorators.  Check out Nathan's pose.  His dad will not like this.

Papaw and Mari Morgan

Banks  with a little frosting on his mouth

Nathan's favorite picture face

Licking the icing

Edie decorating

The beautiful cake

There is a store in Mantee called Silly Whispers.  They have hand-made children's clothes.  My mom and I took a few from the store for them to try on.  We are going to get them outfits made alike for their birthday, which is in March.  They pranced around in them.  They really looked 
cute.  If you're ever in Mantee, you should check out the store, or it would be worth the drive!

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