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Friday, February 13, 2009

The second graders at Desoto Central Elementary had a Patriotic/Grandparents Day program today.  They sang songs about our country, and rapped the Pledge of Alliegience.  They all dressed in red, white, or blue.  It was outstanding!    Nathan had a speaking part.  He did GREAT!  He said he was nervous, but you sure couldn't tell.  We're so proud of you sweet boy.  My mom, Grandma, and Brian's dad, Pop, came to share this special morning with us.   After the  program, we were asked to come to their rooms for refreshments and a special gift.  Each student had made a a patriotic flag with their picture on it to give to each set of grandparents.  It was a neat time!   

Nathan saying his part with his shirt untucked.  I was so mad at him. We had worked so hard that morning tucking in his shirt just right and putting on a belt.  Oh well!

The second graders- can you find Nathan?  Hint- On stage, second row, on right.

Pop, Nathan, and Mari Morgan

My sweet boy and me.  I can't believe he's half- way through second grade.

Grandma, Nathan, and Mari Morgan

Nathan and Mrs. Wood(his favorite teacher).  Can you please just go to third grade with us?

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