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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Time for school part 1

Although I taught school 10 years ago, I feel like I am starting from scratch this year. I am very excited and can't wait to meet my class.

This is the fabric I am using for my window and the skirt around my teacher desk. Love it!!

I have been hitting some yard sales this summer to start me a classroom library. With Nathan's books that he has let me borrow, and the ones I have picked up at yard sales, I am off to a good start. I have filled up 5 boxes. Most of them are AR as well. Yay!

I purchased this set of 20 animal encyclopedias for $4.00.

I painted one bookshelf blue, but forgot to take a pic. Here are two other bookshelves that a teacher gave me. I didn't do a very good job on these, but they'll do. The yellow part is the bottom, so it will not be seen. I was lazy!! :)

I will deliver these shelves and books to the school on Tuesday, and start decorating. I will post more then.

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