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Thursday, August 6, 2009

Open House at DCES

Tonight was open house at Desoto Central Elementary where Nathan and Mari Morgan will be starting school Monday.  They were very excited to meet their teacher and classmates.  I did pretty well getting pics of Mari Morgan and her classroom, but not so good with Nathan.  I forgot to take a picture with her teacher, and totally forgot to take pictures at all in Nate's room.  Brian was filling out forms, and I was busy helping Nathan put away his supplies.  Did not even cross my mind- how CRAZY is that!!!  I pray they both have a wonderful year, and pray I can hold it together as I take my baby girl to school for the first time on Monday! 

Mari Morgan's cubby 

Outside her classroom.  The theme is circus.

Playing in the theater inside her room

The "house" area. She all ready loves this part.

Inside the circus tent- doesn't she look BIG!

Silly glasses

The school theme: Mission Possible

See you Monday morning!!

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