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Sunday, August 9, 2009

Does This Have to Be So Hard?

Oh yes, it is time for a post!  I could write forever on my kids, as most of you could write on and on about yours.  Well, let me take a minute to write about mine.  Nathan and Mari Morgan are ready for school.  We were picking out her outfit today that she would wear tomorrow.  I wanted her to wear a little sun dress that has her name on it.  You have to understand, she does not like for me to pick out her clothes and will almost refuse to keep what I buy her when she is not with me.  In other words, if I wouldn't have wanted her to wear the dress,  she probably would have chosen it.  Yep, that's Mari Morgan.  So, she picked out an outfit that I believe is a little busy, although it does match.  I decided to let her wear it since it is her first day, and I want her to be happy.  Remember what I wanted her to wear had her name on it.  She put together what she was wearing and said, "Oh mom, I can just tell them my name."   She said that in such a sassy way, I had to laugh.  Nathan is jumping off the walls, and would wear a feed sack if I put it on him.  Well, their lunches and snacks are packed, and they are sound asleep.  Tomorrow will be very hard for me.  I will miss them both, but the thought of my last-my baby girl going to REAL school, as she calls it, breaks my heart.  Lord, I need your peace, and to claim the promise that you take care of all your children.  I'll have pictures tomorrow- but for now, it's time for some Benadryl and the bed.  Oh how I love my two babies and thank God for them every day.   

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  1. paige. i love reading about your family! i know it has to be so hard to send mari morgan to school. reading about all of this makes me so sad to think about the day that i will send jack off to school. it makes me teary eyed just thinking about it. i'm not ok, yet, with the thought of someone else having him all day long!! i'll be praying for you!!! praise the Lord that we have his perfect peace to calm us!!! hope your kiddos love school this year!!!