But He said unto me, "My grace is sufficient for you, for my power is made perfect in weakness..." 2 Corinthians 12:9a

Thursday, April 9, 2009

We had a special "cross" service tonight at Riverbend.  Brian led us through the gospels about Christ's scourging and his agonizing time on the cross.  The second half, the children were asked to come in the service with us to "experience" the Lord's supper and confession time.  Nathan had a whole can of Pepsi before this , ONLY as a treat and because there is no school tomorrow.  I just knew that was the reason he could not be still or focus.  He was putting his feet on the chair in front of him, and all the sudden he picked the chair up with his feet, knocking the Pepsi can over in the process.  It was empty, but some spilled out.  He continued to be wiggly and resistant to my correction.  I finally took him out, went to the bathroom,  and spoke to him about his lack of disrespect for me, those around him, and most importantly God.  Do you know that we returned and he barely moved a muscle.  So, that proved to me that while the caffeine might have made him a little hyper, he COULD control himself!  Then, the time came for me to go and get my bread and juice for the supper.  He broke out into tears and claimed he wanted some too.  How can I explain to him what is going on in the middle of it?  He continued to cry and was sooooo mad at me for not letting him have some bread, he was hungry too.  He thought it was snack time, I guess. Ha!   He convinced me he was never eating bread again!  He also told me that I would never see him smile again until I let him have something at the Lord's Supper.  I tried to convince him that that was not my choice but God's.  I stated that I can't make God's decisions for Him.  I went on to share with him that he would know when God was ready for him to be saved.  He was just not ready.  Wow, I was not prepared for this tonight.  It was a tough one.  Nathan thought he was being left out, and told me he was the only one to not get any bread.  Being a mom, you want to give him your piece.  That was tempting- no not really!!!! Now as I sit here and write this, I think about the times I have been greedy and unresponsive to correction..............?  For now, all I can do is pray for Nathan.  I long for the day when God speaks my son's name  and he hears it.  I pray I will always hear when he speaks mine, and respond as He leads.  Now, I just pray I can rest.  This hit me hard!!  Sleepless in Hernando????

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