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Friday, July 15, 2011

Sofee's Homecoming

Our Cocker Spaniel puppy has been in Indiana training to be an inside dog for 2 months. Brian's sister, Jennifer, and her husband, Cal took on this endeavor. They have 3 other Cockers, and are very experienced in training them. This was the big day for her return! Brian drove to Bolling Green,KY (msp) to meet them with her. The truck was filled with all of her belongings; bag of toys, food, treats, dog wipes, meds, a day crate, and a night crate. We are glad to have her home, but not sure we will take care of her as well as they did. I can tell that they have worked hard with her, and for that we are very grateful. She is doing very well, and has had no accidents. Of course, we haven't even had her 24 hours yet!! :) We have her on a schedule and hope that she can continue to stay inside. When she starts having lots of accidents, she will be outside again. I can't handle that. I know that it will take patience to get her used to her new schedule, so I won't throw her out right away. :) Jen and Cal, we are so thankful for your help and you have made you niece and nephew very happy. Thanks again!

Daddy driving up with Sofee

Getting re-introduced to Zeke

Nathan and Mari Morgan giving her love--they were soooo excited!

Aren't I cute? Even though I am not crazy about the hair cut

Playing with her "welcome home" gift--a squeaky bone


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