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Friday, June 19, 2009

Me and my technology!

I am devastated! Some of you are aware of my cell phone instances, but for those of you that do not know here goes. Since this time last year I have had 4 cell phones. Not because I lost them, but because of liquid. We were at the beach last June, and my cell phone was in my beach bag. Red Gatorade was also in the bag, and obviously the top was not on very well, and my phone was swimming in it when I opened my bag. Got a new phone. Then I was upstairs cleaning Mari Morgan's room one day. Mari Morgan was HELPING me. I had taken my phone upstairs because I was expecting a call. I was busy cleaning, and looked for my phone to see if I had gotten a message. I looked and looked. I asked MM if she had seen my phone. She said, "Yes, mom I put it in a safe place." She gladly marched over to one of her teapots and pulled it out. Did I mention this teapot was full of water. I was sooooooooo upset, but could not be mad at her, after all she was HELPING!! Then Brian made me get a cheap phone from Wal-Mart. It was horrible. No one could here me talk. So, Brian finally gave in and let me get a better one. The phone that I have now I dropped in the toilet while cleaning it the other day. As soon as it hit the water, I jerked it out, but it took a quick plunge toward the hole in the toilet. AGH!!!!!!!!! I took it apart, dried it out, and it's a miracle it works!! If not, I think I would be phoneless right now. It blinks on and off, but it still works. Now here is the biggy. I took my Mac to the kitchen and sat it on the counter top to follow a recipe. As I was chopping up a cucumber, the chopper slipped, hit my coke, and the coke spilled all over the keys of my computer. IS THIS FAIR????????? NO!!!! I'm so mad. So now I'm stuck with a mal-functioned computer and a blinking phone. Brian said that he read that Coke was the worst thing to spill on your computer because it eats the components. Needless to say, me and technology DO NOT mix. I plan to continue my blogging, but it will be a lot harder now, because I will have to use Brian's computer. Oh well. I'll do the best I can- that is if Brian even lets me touch his computer. HA!

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  1. i've lost 3 phones to water damage. the first in the sink, the 2nd i dropped in the sink while brushing my teeth, and 3rd a bottle of water with a loose lid in my purse!! i have now had my phone for the last 2 years with no damage so i think i've talked Job into getting me an iPhone.