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Monday, May 30, 2011

Memorial Day Weekend

Friday evening we headed to my mom's house to spend the night. On Saturday, we went to a family get together at Mr. Jack's and Mrs. Debbie Treloar's house. They are good friends with my family and offer for us to use their house on Memorial Day and Fourth of July. Their house is gorgeous, and most importantly has a beautiful salt water swimming pool. This keeps the kids entertained for hours!! It was great fun. Thank you Treloars'!!

Not sure why MM has this ring on? She swims like a fish!

Our newest baby--Katherine Winters Norman-- 5 months old

My mom chilling out!

Mari Morgan and Edie

Hogan--glad I wasn't his target!

Nathan in goggles bigger that his face

My Aunt Jane and me!

Party in the pool

After the party, Brian and I rode to Cumberland, MS to see our High School that was hit hard during a recent tornado.

The gym is named after my grandfather for his many years as coach/teacher and contributor.

A basketball goal on top of the gym!

We all played basketball in this gym, including my parents! :(

Tennis courts, or what's left of them


This first room was my first grade classroom

Field house

This is where my parents and brothers went to school. Brian and I also had high school classes in this building!
This was very sad for me to see. So many memories! It is very rare that you go to school the same place all 12 years, not to mention the same exact school as your parents! Pretty cool!
God's blessings on East Webster, you will be missed by all!

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