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Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Happy Birthday, Mari Morgan!

I can't believe it! My baby girl turned 7 today. I had planned a big day for her. We first met up with our good friends', the Lemonds, at the park. The kids rode their bikes and walked the fun trails. Amanda and I got to play a little "catch up", since we don't get together very much anymore. Then, we all loaded up and ate lunch at taco bell. Mari Morgan has been wanting to get her ears pierced for a while, but has always been too scared. She finally decided that she wanted to do it. Her best friend, Karis, has also been wanting to get her pierced, so we decided to let them do it together today. They were so scared, but it was all smiles when it was over. Later on, Brian, Nathan, Mari Morgan and I went to the local cupcake shop here in Hernando for her to pick out her cupcakes for the party tomorrow. I cooked Mari Morgan's favorite--Mac n cheese, chicken nuggets, and french fries for dinner. Last week, she came across my fine china stemware and said, "Mom, why don't we ever use these forks"? So, I surprised her last night by using my fine china to eat out of at supper. She was beaming. We then took baths and watched Chronicles of Narnia as a family. Great movie!

It was such a great day! I love you, Mari Morgan. I am blessed to be your mom! Happy Birthday! Looking forward to your friend birthday party tomorrow!

Opening her presents from us

Her "big girl" messenger bag/backpack and her new doll

Look out!

Her new bike from Pop and JoJo

Riding partners

Lucy-- cutie pie-- loved the doll!

Karis brought balloons to her at the park--so sweet!

Mommy and Karis before getting ears pierced

You can do it Karis

MM before

After... joy!

Now, we are happy--love those smiles! So proud of both of you!

Pop and JoJo sent her flowers--pink daisies

Presents from the fam

Cupcakes for her friend party
Cheesecake chocolate chip, sweet and salty, and neopolitan

Chalking outside with her new chalk

You are my sunshine--for some reason Nate is out without a shirt...ha! Showing off those big muscles! :)

We even broke out the fine china for dinner

Thank God for little, I mean big, girls. Sniff sniff! :)

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