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Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Upward 2010

Tonight was our last Upwards basketball game this year. Nathan scored 6 points and played very good defense. Mari Morgan's game was Monday night. She can't quite get it to the goal yet, but has surprised me with what she has learned. They both love it and plan to play again next season. Brian coaches Nathan's team and enjoys it. I am a proud parent, and think they both did so well. But, it will be nice to have our Saturdays back. Here are some pictures throughout the year.

MM and Avery on water break

Snack time after the game

Nathan is proud of his little sis.

Hands up!

Blurry dribbling

MM throwing the ball in.

My cutey pie!

Not sure what to do???


Brenton, Jacob, Nathan, William, and Isaiah

Rivals yet best friends!!

Squinty eyes

Caroline, Mari Morgan, and Avery

The Buckeyes

Below are two videos. Nathan is trying out his moves. Mari Morgan is the first to be called out at each game. She loves to run out.

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