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Monday, November 30, 2009


Mari Morgan surprised us when she said she wanted to try out Upward basketball this year. We told them that we only wanted them to do one "extra curricular" activity at a time. Well, we decided she could try this out to see if she likes it. She is also in dance/gymnastics. Her first practice went pretty well, but she can not make it to the goal. All the other players were getting very close or making their shots. I didn't think she would take that well at all, but she did not seem to bothered it. I would love for her to play, because I was NEVER good at basketball. In fact, when I played, it was an embarrassing sight. With practice, maybe she will be able to catch on. Who knows? We'll see.

passing the ball

MM and Carline. It is a co-ed team. This is one of the three girls on the team


They have a devotion after each practice.

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  1. How exciting! I love Upwards Basketball. Amanda played one year. It wasn't her thing, but I'm glad she did it for that year. And, of course, my boys did it for quite a few years. Now they're too big :(