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Friday, October 2, 2009

Mari Morgan's Fall Field Trip

Mari Morgan had her very first school field trip today.  They went to Kidz Kountry in Southaven.  Mari Morgan was sooooo excited to get to ride the bus.  The parents met them there.  She was so taken away by it all.  I don't think she said a word until 15 minutes into the trip.  It was a beautiful day, and the whole class seemed to have a really good time.  I know Mari Morgan did.  

First arriving

Riding the train

She loves horses, so she is LOVING this!!

Waiting on the bench

Milking a goat

Mrs. Lori, MM, and Mrs. Stacie- her WONDERFUL teachers

Some of her buddies

Her favorite friend in her class- Maddy

Mari Morgan and Maddy feeding the horse

Feeding the goat

This is a lot of bacon!!

Petting the baby goat

Petting the duck

Mari Morgan and me on the hay ride


Lunch time- eating beside Madison, another favorite friend

Hannah and MM with their pumpkins

All the class pumpkins

Mari Morgan and her punkin'

Searching for the perfect one

Kindergarten class

It was a blast!  Hope to go again soon!

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