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Thursday, March 19, 2009

Mari Morgan had her 5 year old birthday party today.  The theme was American Girl, since she loves American Girl dolls.  All the girls arrived in their pretty dresses and we had a tea party.  We ate and drank out of real china plates and cups borrowed from Brian's grandmother- Gram.  They were perfect for the occasion!  They were white with pastel flowers, ladybugs, and butterflies on them.  We had heart-shaped sandwiches, fruit kabobs. and popcorn for lunch.  My friend, MaryBeth, made beautiful flower cupcakes.  It was perfect for our princess!!!  The girls were quiet as mice while they ate, like proper little ladies.  Then, I had different American Girl dolls and let each girl choose one to dress.  They changed their clothes, fixed their hair, put bows in their hair, and played with them.  I also set up American Doll beds, and other furniture.  There was a coloring station, where the girls colored an AG doll picture.  I really think the girls had a good time.  I know MM did.  Then, we opened gifts.  She got so many great gifts.  Thank you all for a wonderful birthday party!!!!!      

The cupcakes

The birthday table

Roller skates from Macie

Birthstone ring from Grandma

Highschool Musical movie from Karis

Mari Morgan sipping her lemonade

All the little ladies at the table


MM blowing out candles

Ellie and Karis


Karis and her doll, Julie

Ellie with her picture

Color time

Carlee, Ellie, Macie, Mari Morgan, and Karis with their dolls

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