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Friday, January 14, 2011

Newest Family Member and a Fancy Day

I told Nathan if he would make all A's on his report card, I would let him get anything he wanted as long as it was not out of our budget. The first semester he missed it by 1 point. I knew that he would ask for a lizard. He did, but he did not have all A's. Well, this semester played out a little differently. I knew by his grades he was going to be close. Not only did he have all A's, but most were very high A's. Of course, he asked for a lizard and I couldn't break my promise. Nathan has always LOVED lizards. The only reason he enjoys going to Florida to the beach is because it is covered with lizards, and he can catch them like you would not believe. He is so proud of this one, because we have never had one quite this big. His name is Spike, and it was the one
he fell in love with at Petco. I don't understand it, but Spike sure makes him smile!

Meet Spike

Mari Morgan had Fancy Nancy Day at her school. We have just recently taken all of her dress-up clothes to Goodwill because she never played with them. We had to really search for something for her to wear. We had so much fun finding fancy jewelry, clothes, and scarves. I think she turned out pretty cute.
You can't really see all her jewelry and her scarf very well. We were in a hurry, and practically running out the door when this picture was taken.


  1. Aww!Mary Morgan is soo cute! I am happy for Nathan! Spike is a cute name!

  2. Awwww!! i bet MM had a lot of fun!!! and i am not surprised that there is yet ANOTHER lizard/gecko in the Tillman fam!!!