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Friday, June 4, 2010

Family vacation

Brian's parents took Nathan and Mari Morgan to Sea World and Disney after their last day of school. They said they had a wonderful time, especially at Sea World since they had been to Disney with us last year. They liked the dolphins and the Shamu show the best. Mari Morgan said she blew a kiss to the dolphins for me, since she was not able to get close to them. I made her promise before she left that she would kiss a dolphin for me. I love those creatures. I don't have pictures of their trip, but I hope to get some soon and I will post. After Disney and Sea World we met the kids at the beach. Brian's parents take us every year, but it is usually Labor Day weekend. This year we were able to go early, since the kids were all ready in Florida. We were so glad to see them, but they were ready to come home, Nathan especially. He seemed to be vacation overloaded!!! I don't understand that, but you have to understand Nathan's nature. He is a HUGE home body. We managed to keep them entertained for three more days. They were fine, except for the occasional, "I'm tired of vacation". Again, who could ever be tired of that? No one but my 9 year old.

Our condo

Our backyard swimming pool for the week

View of the bay from our porch

Our sweeties!

One of the highlights of vacation for them was the huge water slide in the resort area. This is Mari Morgan.

One time was enough for me! Check out MM cheering me on.

Brian--well his legs anyway

Nathan shot out like a bullet

This is where we spent most of our days--at one of the pools

pool picnic

One cool dude!!

One hot hubby!! :)


We did not spend a lot of time a the beach. We think Nathan may be allergic to the water. Every year he breaks out and cries with burning and itching on his legs. I hate it for him, because he loves it so much. We still managed to go some. They love finding crabs and building sand castles.

My little mermaid! :)

Their pet starfish-no they did not come home with us!

Nate showing me a crab

Looking for more

Our last night--

Riding the trolley to dinner

Looking for manatees on the bridge

Waiting for the trolley

My sweetie and me at dinner

We had to make one last stop at the candy store

Nate filling his bag with candy

MM filling hers

Dancing to the band at dinner

Some fun pics

Leaving for the airport- MM has all her art stuff as usual

Killing time before the plane- she loved this kitty chair.

Our plane was late-had a 3 hour wait at the airport Go ahead kids, make yourselves at home!


We arrived home safely at 12:30 Friday morning. We had a blast! Thank you Pop and JoJo!

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  1. luv the pics!!!! P.S. if it says M.Ink thats mckenzie H