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Saturday, January 16, 2010

Trip to NC!

We had such a great time on our quick trip to Raleigh/Durham. It was so good to see our friends. We ate, shopped, and just "caught up". It was neat to see their children, and they are all growing so fast. You always have those friends in your life that are extra special. Well, I will say Elisa and Kimberly are just that to me. They were the friends that were at the hospital with me, for the 7 weeks that I was there, praying for me, and helping my family through that hard time. They also took care of me for a long time after I returned home, and I will forever be grateful. We have definitely shared some of the worst and best times together. Thanks to both the Hutchinson's and the Winn's for making this trip such a special one. We love you all!!

New home of Andy and Elisa Winn

Kimberly and her daughter, Olivia. She fell asleep in her chair at Moe's!

Micah, Mason, and Jackson(the boys on the end are Elisa's and in the middle is Kimberly's)

Olivia and Aubrey

Elisa and me

Guys in the playroom

Elisa and her kidos- Jackson 10, Micah 7, Aubrey 4, and Braden 1

Elisa and Aubrey

Elisa and Braden

Aubrey beat me in ping pong!

Brian and Andy

Shopping at this cool mall in Raleigh

The girls at dinner

The gang! Sniff! sniff!

The studs! :)

Elisa and I with our matching purses! :)

No, we did not plan this!


Love these girls!!!!


  1. Paige!

    I love it that I found your blog! I miss your sweet family and I'm so glad I can keep up with ya'll through the blog! Ya'll have a great week!!

    Ashley Fisher

  2. Hi Paige!
    It was a treat to see all these pictures of you and your beautiful family, plus all the pictures of Kimberley and Ryan's family....and MY beautiful family!!! How fun- and looks like you all had a blast! Great to 'see' you again! :) judy