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Friday, December 18, 2009

Christmas Parties!

Brian had the job of taking both Nathan and Mari Morgan to their Christmas parties today since I have strep. I was so upset that I was not able to go, but I know they enjoyed Daddy taking them. Nathan's class really did nothing but eat. MM's class ate and made a gingerbread house. First are some highlights of her party and some of her favorite friends! Then, you will see some of Nathan,....well, eating! Brian took the pictures too. I was proud of him. Well, he actually takes better pictures than me anyway.

MM and Makenna

MM and Maddy Medlin

M and Maddy Lightsey

Mrs. Lori and MM

Making her Gingerbread House

The whole class with Mrs. Lori and Mrs. Stacie

Putting her Gingerbread House in her cubby

Nathan said all they did at his party was eat. Looks like he is right! So different from Kindergarten. Third grade is so less involved!

Brian said this little boy wanted his picture made with Nathan. He said, "we are brothers." Brian said he told him no, I don't think so and he said "Oh yes we are"! Funny! I believe his name is Jaylan.

Mrs. Miller and Nathan

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