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Thursday, March 29, 2012

March At a Glance

March is always a busy month for us. We have 2 birthdays to celebrate and Spring Break. We have also been working on a new room for Mari Morgan and moving some rooms around. Working full time makes it hard to accomplish anything, but we take it a little at a time. Below are some things that we have been up to...

Nathan's birthday was March 27th. He is going to have his party at Skyzone in Memphis this coming week. He turned 11 and I can't believe it. Nathan is really growing up, and has such a sweet heart. I love this kid!!

We got him a new t.v. for his room, so he can play his X-Box in peace..Ha! He can only play X-Box and watch Netflix movies on it, which is good.

We also got him this bean bag chair. It is very comfy!!

Mari Morgan lost her other front tooth. She talks so funny, now.

I have been cleaning my kitchen grout...don't you think it needed it?

Much better!! :)

MM's new room started out blue, this was our t.v. room...

I had some great helpers priming

All primed!

Now it will be ice pink

We stopped in the middle of painting, which I hate to do, but it was unavoidable, to visit our parents in Mantee and Houston.

When we got to my mom's, we got to visit with our cousin, Winters. She is 1 now and so beautiful! MM loves it when we get to see her. They had a good time playing together, and of course MM was a little mommy.

We also rode in my aunt's gator...always a favorite when we go to my mom's. This is our other cousin, Olivia.

Mari Morgan and my niece, Edie, are just 4 days apart. So they always spend the night with Grandma during Spring Break and have a little party. Here, they are playing with a tea set my mom gave them.

My mom made them a Barbie cake. They decorated the skirt on their own...turned out so cute!

Silly girls

Another exciting part of our March was that MM got to go to the State Science Fair at Ole Miss. She won 2nd place in her division at her elementary school, so she advanced to Oxford. She received 5th place in her division at Ole Miss out of 538 students!! We were so excited for her! Yay, Mari Morgan!!

Judge talking to her

And....here is MM's new room. She loves it. We are still not finished with it, but we are getting close.

My big girl, reading in her new bed

She labeled her boxes with paper... hehe

Nate even thinks it's cool!

This bench was on our front porch in pretty bad condition. A little spray paint did the trick. We have to get some matching pillows, but for now, MM decorated. :)

We had a circus at our school for the students that certified in AR. Brian was asked to be the juggler...:) He did a good job!

He was also the mystery reader for MM's classroom. She was so surprised!

Look what she got painted on her face??? That's my girl!!

I love March. I love my kiddos. I love Spring, and there are only 7 more Mondays until school is out!! Can't wait!!

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