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Tuesday, March 13, 2012

It's Birthday Week

It always ends up like this. Because Mari Morgan's birthday is during Spring Break, we always end up celebrating all week. Her birthday is actually on March 16th. We needed to have her sleepover on the 9th because friends that were out of town would not be able to come. She received some money and a Justice gift card from one of her friends, so we went to Justice yesterday to buy something. We are leaving tomorrow to go to my mom's house. Her cousin, Edie, has a birthday on the 20th. So, Mom always has a party for both of them sometime during the week. Then, on Friday, her real birthday, we will go to Brian's parents and she will open more gifts. I love to celebrate birthdays, but this is a little much. We will have to plan better next year. I don't mean to sound negative. I love her and am so thrilled at the sweet young lady that she is becoming. My prayer is always that she will love the Lord more that ANYTHING else! Thank you God for our little girl!

Our friend, Kate Walker, made her these cookie cakes for her party

Mari Morgan with Kara and Kate

Singing Happy B day!

Making a wish

Here's the clan

MM and Julia Kate--they were in 1st grade together

MM with Harper...She lives down the street from us, and they are in 2nd grade together now

With church friends, Maddy and Morgan

With long time friend, Karis---they have been friends since 3 years old

Sweet Maggie painting her bag



Duck tape art

Emma Kate painting her nails---she and MM were in 1st together and now in 2nd grade together

More duck tape--this kept them busy for hours

We had a wonderful party!

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