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Friday, October 22, 2010

Football and So proud...

Our weekends have been filled with football. Nathan hasn't gotten to play very much, but he has learned a lot and had fun. Pop and JoJo have made it to almost every game. Thanks to you for being such loyal fans. He adores you both. They finally won their first game!! Go Gold Tigers!

Mari Morgan's favorite spot while watching t.v.

We were soooo proud on Monday when Nate and MM brought home their report cards. Nathan made all A's and B's, missing the A honor roll by only 1 point.(Boo Science) Mari Morgan made the Princpal's List, which is all A's. Pop and JoJo and Grandma and Papaw gave them money for their good grades, so we took them shopping. Nathan chose a Wii game and Mari Morgan got a Madame Alexander doll.

Some motorcycle race game...he loves it!

Mm and here new doll she named Alexis. She said she picked her because she is a dancer.

She just got out of the shower which explains her hair.:)

We are so proud of both of you. Thanks for your hard work!!

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  1. Aww!! I'm soo glad she loves those pjs!! The doll fits her!! Glad she made principles list!! WHOO-HOO!!