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Sunday, May 19, 2013

Snowden Awards Day and End of the Year Party

What can I say?  This has been such a challenging yet rewarding school year for our family.  I am in tears right now as I recall our year. Snowden HSTP is so different from public school, which took us all by surprise and rocked our world. Nathan and I struggled GREATLY through the first two quarters. There were MANY tears shed, and lots of encouragement needed through this process. There were days that we wanted to give up and go back to public school and days where we just wanted to give up school all together . Scary huh?  Hillary and her staff set high expectations for the students, and the students are expected to meet them.  I must admit, for much of the time, I believed these expectations were too demanding for Nathan and became angry many days.  With help from special friends, we persevered, and Nathan has proven to be much more independent and self motivated.  We have a LONG way to go, but I feel that next year will be a much smoother road. You did notice I said smoothER.   I am so proud of how Nathan has grown.  He even had all A'S and B'S  the  last 2 semesters. 

Although he did not receive any academic awards, he did receive the "Count Tillymon" award. The teachers gave each student an individual "funny" award. While studying the 30 years war, there was a leader called Tilly with characteristics that really have nothing to do with Nathan's character, but the kids all started calling him Tillymon after this dude.  So, at Snowden, he will always be "Tillymon". Mrs. Kaye, one of his teachers, said that they wanted to give Nathan this award to symbolize that Nathan was liked by all his classmates....just a likeable guy. That made me happy!!!  We are so grateful for all of the teachers at Snowden who helped us along the way and did not back down from their standards.  Hillary, I am thankful for your love for our son, and your guidance through this school year.  

We love you, Nathan and could not be prouder of you!  

Nathan receiving his Tillmon award from Mrs. Hillary

Mrs. Kaye...we will miss you next year

Thankful for JoJo's support

He's so proud!!!

My silly boy

Nathan and some of his best buds

Sweet  Mrs. Hillary

Nate and Conner McKelroy

Mrs. Gina and Nate

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