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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Nathan's Field Day and Spirit Week

Most of the days Nathan did not dress up, but this was either baby day/Senior citizen day.  Nathan came up with the idea that he wanted to do both, so he was a senior citizen with a diaper.  :)  So weird! 

This a was Nathan's first Field Day at Snowden.  Each student was placed on a different color team. Nathan's team was orange, which he loves because of Florida Gators.  The previous day he had dressed up like a Florida Gator fan and carried Albert, his gator pillow pet to school. So, this was an easy color for him to dress in.  Each team was scored on completing the task, teamwork, and sportsmanship.  The orange team won third place and won a homework pass.  This was HUGE for both of us!  Hs assignment load is heavy!  He even sprayed his hair orange! 

Sixth grade beat the seventh grade in tug-of-war.  They were so excited!

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