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Tuesday, November 30, 2010

Thanksgiving 2010

We had such a blessed Thanksgiving. Brian's family from Texas, Georgia, and Indiana all came down. Some we have not seen in 2 or three years. It was so much fun, and a lot of kids!! I got to see my brothers and their families who I haven't seen in months. I wanted to share some of the moments we were able to share. We had Christmas with Brian's family, since they all will not be able to come back for Christmas. The kids got to open their first presents of the season, which they loved! Thanks to the fam for the many gifts and the good times!

Saturday was an exciting day for me. I got to watch my Bulldogs defeat Ole Miss. I have been wanting a cowbell for a long time, but do not have one. Before the game, my mom found this old cowbell of my grandfathers. I rang this with passion during the game. Brian left and went back to his moms. :)) To those of you who don't know, we are a split family. He is a rebel, excuse me, a black bear...just had to throw that in. Rumor is that I have a new MSU cowbell coming on Christmas Day...we'll see! GO DAWGS!

My niece, Holly, with MM

Banks playing the Wii with Nate

My 95 year old Mama Sue

Aunt Beverly gave MM his apron

Aunt Bev from California--MM adores her

One of the twins "getting" Nathan

Gram, Brian's grandmother, knits everyone a stocking when they enter the family. This is all her children, grand kids, their spouses, and great grands! Wow!

...and they were all filled with goodies!

Brian's aunts all brought supplies to make up shoe boxes for Operation Christmas Child. We had an assembly line going. Mari Morgan really enjoyed this!

Mari Morgan and Caden at Gram's campsite in her yard

...including its own tepee

Joseph and Bev

Pop's swing was a big hit!

Joseph from the top level

Caden and his uncle Caleb

Kimberly, and her son, Joseph going off the swing...Weeeee!

I have not gotten the nerve to even go off the first level. I just take pictures of others.

Nate on the walkie talkie

We are so blessed to have such wonderful families!

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  1. Hey Paige! Just found your blog! So cute. I love the stockings and I hope you get your cowbell for Christmas :)